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Q: What will it cost to publish my book with you?

A: Nothing. We pay authors. Authors never pay us. We pay 100% of the cost to publish your book, and we pay you royalties on sales of your book. 

Q: How do your royalties compare with other companies?

A: With our comprehensive print-publishing agreements, royalty percentages are several points higher than the large publishing houses. With our e-book only publishing agreements, we are competitive with other publishers who specialize in the same.  

Q: How much control will I have over my book during and after the publishing process?

A: With traditional publishing agreements final decisions always rest with the publisher, because we take all the financial risk involved in publishing your book. That being the case, it is in our best interest to do everything in our power to ensure the success of your book. To that end, we value our relationships with our authors and work closely with you as we make decisions. 

Q: Why should I give up control of my book to traditionally publish with you? 

A: Some authors want control over the publishing and marketing of their books, and that is OK. These authors are willing to make the significant time and financial investments required of these processes. Additionally, they make a time-investment of hundreds of hours in learning about the publishing industry and the options and processes involved in publishing a book. Since the publishing industry is dynamic, constant continuing education is involved. Many authors see publishing activities as precious time taken from writing and what we call "authoring," which consists of book-signings, staying in contact with their readers via author pages, newsletters, social media, and lots more.

Another consideration is distribution and bookstore availability.  Though things continue to improve for self-published authors, traditionally published authors still experience more favor and less prejudice when it comes to shelf-space in bookstores and much needed publicity for their books.   

Q: I will make more money in royalties if I self-publish. Why should I consider a lower royalty to traditionally publish?

A: Dollars made must be balanced against dollars spent. Authors who self-publish take on all the investment and financial risk of publishing and marketing a book. This can amount to thousands of dollars invested [depending on what they want for their book] that may never be recovered, not to mention time taken from a writer's first love, which is writing. 

Q: In addition to excellent distribution and bookstore potential, give me another reason I should publish with you?

A: 1.) Our editing process: All of our manuscripts go through a rigorous editing process, a process that many small publishers simply will not take the time to do. We do much more than simple line edits. We work closely with our authors to identify and correct manuscript-developmental issues that would prevent a great story from becoming an over-the-top-fabulous story. Small publishers often rush to press without making the time investment to do this. We believe this does no service to authors. It cheats readers and writers alike. We are looking for fresh new voices. And debut authors have only one chance to impress readers. We are committed to ensuring that chance is not squandered! 2.) Publicity: We will advertise your book to bookstores through pre-launch catalogue advertisement. We will promote your book on our websites, social media, through our newsletter, on our reading groups, through Amazon ads (and more!). We will work with you on your book-launch plan from the moment we offer a publishing agreement and beyond in getting the word out about your book. 


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