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What We're Looking For

We publish fiction and non-fiction.

Submission guidelines for fiction

Submission guidelines for non-fiction

We are looking for faith-based stories in most genres

We invite our authors to "color outside the lines," producing stories that readers will resonate with but that may or may not not fit the genre mold or make the cut with publishers who are reluctant to take a chance on a different kind of Christian fiction or previously unpublished authors. We are willing to take that chance and get your story and message out there! 

Do you have a story that is edgy (doesn't have to be!), inspirational, heartfelt, and wholesome, written from a Christian world-view and containing a clear message of redemption somewhere in the story?  

We are looking for interesting, relatable, characters dealing with real life situations. Your main characters are allowed to have flaws. After all, who is flawless? 

We love "out-of-the-box" Christian fiction that may not fit into a traditional publisher’s niche. We can help you enter the e-book world, without you having to do it all. We can help you build a readership/platform. 

We offer a higher royalty rate than larger traditional publishers and are accepting submissions for both fiction and non-fiction. 

Is your first draft finished? We would love to take a look at it! If your story has "good bones," we might offer you a contract and work with you to identify writing issues that can easily be corrected in a second draft, saving A LOT of writing and rewriting later on. 


We are asking the Lord to send us the right manuscripts. There is no charge for an author to publish with us.

A quality, edited manuscript of 20,000 words or more that the author believes is publish ready.

Commitment to 110% effort in working with your publishing and publicist team toward the success of your book.

Authors are not required to participate financially in the production of their work.

We'd love to hear from you!

Submission guidelines for fiction

Submission guidelines for non-fiction

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